Kigali is located in the center of Rwanda; it is the most sensible and practical spot to begin or end any excursion there. It’s spotless, secure, and offers excellent dining and cultural opportunities.

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Navigating in Kigali is not that difficult. The common “motors,” or motorbike taxis, are an affordable and practical form of transportation; a trip from the airport to the city center costs less than $3. It should be noted that motorcoach fares can be negotiated and that their safety record is dubious. Taxis operated professionally are metered and labeled; however, they are typically the most expensive alternative. A taxi from the airport to the city can cost up to $15.

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There are also unmarked private taxis accessible, but be ready to haggle the fare beforehand. You might choose to rent a car for about US$65 per day if you intend to stay in Kigali for a few days. The majority of the roads are in excellent shape. However, be forewarned that driving in African cities, including Kigali, can be difficult due to other drivers, pedestrians, and motorcycles.

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Kigali City is a remarkable example of an African city with an eye toward the future. The capital of Rwanda, formerly notorious for its genocide and civil conflict, has evolved into a showcase for urban planning. In the 20 years since the genocide, exiles have rushed back to the city, bringing with them wealth through education, investments, and business ideas. Foreign nationals have joined the fray, founding bakeries, artisan coffee shops, sushi restaurants, yoga studios, co-working spaces for start-up businesses, and even bakeries. Dance clubs, sports pubs, and live music are all part of the burgeoning nightlife.

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Kigali city, which has a population of about a million, serves as the administrative and commercial center of the rest of the nation. Its litter-free boulevards, grippy roads, LED lamps, and beautifully trimmed medians are comparable to those in East Africa and Europe. The nation is eager to improve upon this perception. A flurry of international conventions and gatherings have arrived thanks to the brand-new, ultramodern Kigali Convention Center and numerous new hotels. The clever master plan proposes more urban dwellings as well as a redesign of the business district.

What can I see in Kigali City?

Kigali City is beautiful even without the addition of shiny new structures. It’s breathtaking to look at the undulating skyline of red-roofed homes, terraced farms, and lush greenery. Kigali is also secure; violent crime is uncommon, especially among foreigners, and the police carry out their duties, including issuing citations for speeding. The main challenge you’ll face is navigating the traffic; you won’t frequently experience hassles. Some foreigners claim that Kigali is a safer place for them to raise their children than American cities.

Kigali, where your Rwanda safari begins and ends, is a pleasantly unassuming yet vibrant and forward-thinking town. Each community around the nation takes pleasure in its well-kept streets. It is safe to roam the city’s broad boulevards lined with trees and clean squares, where visitors are typically left to their own devices unless they want assistance, in which case locals will welcome them with friendly hospitality.

Any visitor to Rwanda will be charmed by the country’s developing cultural, artistic, and culinary landscape. The Kigali Cultural Village is a great place to check out regional craftspeople and sample local cuisine. Excellent malls provide fantastic worldwide brand shopping. The city’s night sky is illuminated by a top-notch convention center constructed in the manner of a historic king’s palace.

Travelers who want to revisit those horrifying days should pay a visit to the Kigali Genocide Memorial, which honors the memory of the more than one million Rwandans slaughtered in the genocide in 1994.

A great place to go for an urban nature walk and observe some of Rwanda’s amazing birds is the path that circles Lake Nyarutarama, which is near to an 18-hole golf course.